Who We Are

Human Resource Development Agency (HRDA) is an independent, non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and non-for-profit development oriented Afghan organization working together with Afghan communities for improvement of different life sectors. HRDAwas founded in 2002, mainly dedicated to reliefoperations with the vision of bringing productive and sustainable socio-economic changes in the Afghan Society at grass-root level through community participation, human resources development focusing onhuman rights, empowerment and mainstreaming of poor, vulnerable and most marginalized segments of Afghan society. HRDA has been working mainly in southern region with ability to work in all areas of Afghanistan. HRDA employs people with diverse cultural background, expertise and areas of specialization.HRDA is registered as an Afghan NGO with the NGO’s Department -Ministry of Economics, with registration No. 463 dated Feb-2002.


The board of directors meets at least once in three months. The board makes decisions related the decisions of change management, appointment of key members like managing director of HRDA from the existing members of the board and appointment of team of auditors for annual audit of HRDA financial accounts on annual basis. The board of directors supervises regular activities of HRDA and advice HRDA executive council on relevant issues.

Our Team

HRDA maintains qualified, experienced, dedicated, self-motivated staff well versed with local areas, their cultures and social norms having strong relations with communities, tribal elders, Shuras and government authorities.