Appreciation Letter to Human Resources Development Agency

It is a place of great pride and joy among the 2627 internal and external organizations, 100 active civil institutions received the praise of good deeds and effective work on the 100 Independence anniversary of the Afghanistan HRDA is available in that list and awarded for the best humanitarian organization.
The certificate was given to the Human Resource Development Agency at a meeting in Kabul organized by Civil work organization, During the meeting Mr. Syed Hafizullah Fayyaz, Director of the works of civil society in administrative affairs talked about cooperation and coordination between the government and civil society, Mr. Fayyaz admired the effective work of civil society, He Promised government support for social work.
It is noteworthy that 100 civil society organizations (offices) have been awarded by the Civil Society Workers Group of Afghanistan and the Administrative Affairs Civil Affairs Department. Appropriate and effective actions were taken and all the organization were honored at this meeting.
The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to supporting all civil society’s good and effective activities and, committed to the achievements of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. And will be strengthened even more.