HRDA GAC-EPAC team held a child protection campaign

On 18 Nov 2019, HRDA GAC-EPAC team held a child protection campaign in the Shahid Bacha village. In the mentioned child protection campaigns; Children from Child Friendly Space’s (CFS), member of Community Based Child Protection Mechanisms (CBCSMs), CFS facilitators’, Educators and children’s parents with a total of 230 individuals participated in the above mentioned child protection campaigns. According to the agenda, child protection campaigns started with recitation of Holy Quran and prayers. In addition, the GAC-EPAC team and the mentioned parties’ representatives presented their opinions about the importance of child rights according to Islam and international laws. After discussion the banners, charts and child protection campaign messages were given to children in which the following topics were mentioned in the presentation;
Child rights, hygiene, health, prevention of children from abuse at home, societies and in schools, prevention of child discrimination, paying attention of the people toward children’s education and protection issues. The children and the people together, spread the information about the mentioned topics to aware the communities about the child rights and child protection. The aim of the campaign was to inform the people about child protection and education and to make the children future safe and bright.